Advisory Services.

Business Ownership Strategy (“BOS”)

BOS is a holistic approach to optimizing the growth and earnings of privately-held companies and the personal wealth created for their owners. The BOS process is a framework for managing the conflicting goals inherent in private business owernship and a quantitative model for measuring expected personal wealth created under the different scenarios.

Corporate Growth and Shareholder Value Review

Economic conditions in coming years may not support the historic growth rates many companies have enjoyed, and merger & acquisition markets may continue to be challenging for sellers. For business owners who are concerned that their company will not generate the exit proceeds they want in the time frame they have been expecting, we provide a summary evaluation of the current trajectory of corporate growth and valuation and suggest options for getting both back on track.

Optimizing Corporate Growth

Companies experiencing a high rate of growth sell for more than similar-sized companies that are not. A company with relatively high profit margins can sell for much more than a substantially larger business that is moderately profitable. We help our clients define their company’s market opportunity, develop a strategy to optimize it, and identify and procure the resources required to achieve it.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Distribution: Demand management; Supply Chain Management; Materials Management; Delivery Route Optimization.
Manufacturing: Manufacturing Engineering, MRP Implementation, and new product development.
Sales & Marketing: Go-to-market strategies and new product development.

CEO Coaching and Team Building Events

Our sister company, Fusion Associates (, is an organizational training and development company dedicated to increasing the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations. Their team building programs, oriented towards the principles of experiential education, range from high-level strategic interventions to motivating and fun, community-building events. They focus on the enhancement of both “hard” and “soft” skills.