Investment Banking Services.

Tombstone MEDEXWe have been retained to bring to a successful conclusion an acquisition, merger, sale, or financing opporunity that clients have generated on their own. Other clients have engaged us to help devise a strategy to achieve one or more of their specific corporate or shareholder goals and then to implement it.

Whether the objective is to grow the business by acquiring a competitor or complementary business, to provide liquidity for all or some shareholders, or to obtain funding, MCP is capable of managing the transaction through the full cycle from conception to closing.

Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions

Transfer of ownership within families;
Sale of the business; a division, subsidiary, or product line;
Leveraged Buy-Out.


Repurchase of outstanding preferred or common stock;
Management Buy-Out;
Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Winner of the 2011 Association
For Corporate Growth “Deal of the Year”

Buy-Side Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisition of a competitor or complimentary
Consolidation strategies;
Individuals seeking to purchase a business.

Corporate Finance

Senior Debt.